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October 2014
2014 | The 47th SJVE Conference Call for Papers


In addition to VE technical papers and case reports presented at SJVE conference, we are soliciting technical presentations and case reports from overseas VE professionals in line with the objectives of the 47th SJVE Conference, as listed below:
  • Case of companies which extend their businesses to overseas using managerial techniques such as VE at local subsidiaries.
  • Case of VE experts who agree in technical relationship with overseas companies and have experiences in instructing engineers of local companies.
  • Successful cases of VE applied to world-class technology.
  • Case or proposal of VE application in management.
  • Case which could be of good examples for small-medium size enterprises considering expansion of their businesses to overseas countries.

How to submit a proposal
1. Submit the following information to SJVE office by
Monday June 30th, 2014.
  • Title of presentation and format (“Paper presentation” or “Presentation PPT only”)
  • Contact information (company name, job title, address, Tel, and e-mail)
2. You will be contacted by SJVE upon receipt of your application
3. Submit the presentation abstract to SJVE office by 
Thursday July 31st. 2014. An abstract should be between 300 – 600 words and use A4 or Letter size in MS WORD

Review process
1. The conference technical program committee is responsible for reviewing all the abstracts submitted.

2. We will place great value on the following points:
  • Is the abstract consistent with the conference theme?
  • Does the presentation transmit consistent message?
3. We accept previously presented papers/case reports if the content is further developed.

4. Result of the abstract review will be informed directly to the applicant in
early August, 2014.

5. Accepted speakers are requested to submit the PPT presentation slides and the finished paper (for those who apply by “paper” format) by
Tuesday September 30, 2014.
Other conditions
  1. To submit a proposal, you can choose either from “paper” or “presentation” format. (submitting a written paper is not required for “presentation”)
  2. These technical reports or presentations will be exempt from qualifying as scholarly paper required (as prerequisite) for CVS certification.
  3. Abstracts of international presentations will be translated into Japanese and included in the conference proceedings. Finished papers in English will be included in the proceedings as they are. 

SJVE Office (Attn. Ms. Satoko Uesugi, Chief, Overseas Liaison)
Society of Japanese Value Engineering
Email: uesugi@sjve.org
Web: http://www.sjve.org/en/