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October 2013
SAVE International & SJVE Conference

An Invitation to Value Professionals around the world,
You know of course that the SAVE Asian VE Conference is scheduled on the 21st and 22nd of October this year in Tokyo? We are working hard to organize a big, special event. Along with being able to experience Japanese beautiful fall season, you will find a very interesting conference program, consisting of technical presentations and forum style discussions.
Globalization in the manufacturing and construction industries looks to be a central topic of this year’s conference. We invite you to submit many papers and case reports on your successful VE studies and join the heated discussions on VE. Also, your colleagues and friends are respectfully invited to join these discussions.
Since this is a SAVE Conference, we are planning a pre-conference party which enables you to enjoy a typical Japanese style cruising in Tokyo Bay on October 20th, then a two-day benchmarking tour following the conference to visit TOYOTA and other outstanding Japanese technologies.
The weaker yen has made Japan a much more affordable destination for you!
For more details, please visit: http://veasiaconf2013.jp/?lang=en
Yoshihiko Sato, CVS, FSAVE
Chairman, the 3rd SAVE Asian VE Conference Steering Committee

The CSVA will be holding its annual Value conference on November 25-26 2013,  in Montreal. More information available on the web site.