September 2021
Value Voices Webinar Series – September 2021 Event

Value Management to Meet Client Goals and Objectives from Day One of Design

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Time: 1600 (PST), 1700 (MST), 1900 (EST), 2000 (AST) 

As a value practitioner for almost 40 years, I have led VM Studies on hundreds of projects in which the goals and objectives of the client are not met by 30% design and, in some cases, 60% design. How does that happen? Fortunately, a VM Study can often use those goals and objectives to get the project back on the right track. However, that usually involves redesign with potential schedule delays. What happens to such projects with no VM intervention? They will often end with quality issues, delays, required redesign, performance that does not meet client objectives, cost overruns and unhappy clients. An innovative (in North America) approach using VM can avoid these outcomes.

Scot McClintock, CVS-Life, PVM, FSAVE - Faithful+Gould

Scot McClintock, Chief Value Manager for Faithful+Gould is a well-qualified value practitioner with 39 years of VM/VA/VE experience. Scot has balanced cost and quality in over 430 VM project workshops to identify value improvements of over $6 billion on projects totaling nearly $40 billion. Scot has incorporated the use of Risk Management into his VM workshops, as well as leading edge consensus-building techniques such as Choosing by Advantages and Functional Performance Specification. Scot was instrumental in helping MTO adapt Performance Criteria and Measures techniques to their VM program. He also introduced Risk Registers and Cumulative Cost FAST Diagrams to their workshops. Having trained over 500 personnel since 1994 for agencies and corporations in the U.S. and Canada, he is approved to teach SAVE International’s VM Fundamentals Course #1. Inducted in SAVE’s College of Fellows in 2008, Scot has served the VM community as a SAVE Chapter President and CVS Director on the Certification Board and current Director and former President of Value Analysis Canada.
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