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June 2019

2019 Symposium - Achieving Better Value for Money

The annual Canadian Value Analysis Symposium is returning to the Greater Toronto Area, October 6th to 8th,  2019. Last year’s conference, in Edmonton, was an outstanding success enhancing awareness of the benefits of Value Analysis/ Engineering in western Canada  . 

This year’s theme, “Achieving Better Value for Money” is extremely relevant today with a the current economic uncertainty and challenges all organizations are tasked with achieving over the short and long term.

Whether your  business is : planning and constructing large infrastructure projects such as highways, rail systems, transit, hospitals or water / waste-water treatment facilities, manufacturing, or business improvement, you will want to attend this Symposium. Conference presentations will also include : process improvement case studies and the integration of  Value Analysis/ Engineering with other complementary methodologies, including LEAN.

Value Analysis/ Engineering has been assisting organizations across the world in solving complex problems and improving value over 70 years. It is still as relevant today as when it was conceived during world War II.

The simple concept of asking “What must this product, process, or project do?”, rather than “what is it?” supports the identification and development of creative and cost effective alternative solutions in government and the private sector.

This year we are inviting people to attend and participate in The Symposium and to share your success stories either informally or by making a presentation. We plan on having two tracks offering a variety of topics for of interest to attendees. 

Plan to attend the 2019 Value Symposium, at the Delta Hotels by Marriott (Toronto East) and meet your colleagues, Value Analysis users and practitioners from across Canada, the USA and international locations. The president’s informal reception will be on October 6th with the formal sessions occurring on October 7th and 8th, Make your attendance arrangements today and visit the VAC website for symposium updates, www.valueanalysis.ca, and the conference location and amenities at www.marriott.com/YYZSB.

Tom Fletcher P.Eng., CVS
President and Co-Chair
2019 Value Symposium



OCTOBER 6-8, 2019

The Symposium theme for 2019 is “Achieving Better Value for Money”. This is intended to attract presentations from a broad spectrum of applications where Value Analysis/ Engineering has been effective in identifying value enhancing solutions.

Whether you have utilized VE/VA in infrastructure projects, manufacturing, policy development or management applications,  we invite you to submit your abstract for consideration.

Please submit your abstract, by June 30, 2019 to conference@valueanalysis.ca, (Max 300 words). The Powerpoint presentations will be 20 minutes in duration with an additional 10 minutes allocated for Q&A.