November 2016
Pathways to Value-Promoting Value Analysis in Western Canada

On November 10, 2016, Value Analysis Canada – Western Group hosted its regular monthly dinner presentation featuring a talk by Mushtaq Rabbi, one of the most vocal proponents of value management methodology in Western Canada. Currently serving as a Project Management Consultant with the Corporate Project and Asset Management Team, Rabbi has been working at the City of Calgary for over 11 years.

In his presentation entitled “Implementing Value Management at the City of Calgary”, Rabbi looked at the application of value methodology for the City’s capital infrastructure programs and projects. More importantly, he discussed the implementation of the Value Management (VM) Guidance at the City of Calgary. In addition to that, Rabbi went over success stories and lessons learned followed by a Q&A session.
The event took place at the Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton. More than 25 attendees from provincial and municipal governments, as well as professionals and students, came out to the event.
In pursuit of our mission to promote the application of the value methodologies in Canada for the benefit of governments, industries, practitioners, and society, we welcome your comments and encourage you to join the movement. Feel free to contact Hussien Al-Battaineh Ph.D., P.Eng., CVS®, Director of Value Analysis Canada – Western Group for any further information on events and membership.
In our next dinner presentation in January, 2017, our guest speaker from Deloitte Joseph (Jody) Snodgrass will talk about Value Analysis in the Petroleum Industry.
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