October 2016
October 2016 Editorial

October is a month when most of us have gone back to a regular schedule after the summer. Activities at Value Analysis Canada are also busy again. We have recently implemented Regions in our Value Analysis Canada structure and the Western region is doing a great job to get more people and organizations interested and engaged in Value Analysis through events organized locally. The Quebec Region has just initiated its own local programme and an Ontario region will pick up soon.
It is great to see Value Analysis being adopted by more organizations every day.  Sometimes, it is experimenting the Value Methodology for the first time, for others, it is a return to VA after a time experimenting with other tools.
Value Analysis is a versatile technique.  VA continues to evolve, integrating seamlessly with other methodologies and best practices. The latest combination is with the Integrated Design Process to design buildings including “green technologies”. The two methods are complementary. The professionals undertaking such a multi-faceted design process must understand that it’s not one method or the other during a project but each method at the right time, to achieve the right outcome.
At Value Analysis Canada, we seek to make Value Analysis available to the most people and organizations possible, by illustrating how the method can be synergized with other already familiar tools and techniques. At VA Canada, we will continue to show that, despite being 60 years old, Value Analysis remains flexible, powerful and relevant, applicable in a broad range of contexts  and by continuing to enrich VA by demonstrating its effectiveness when used together with other methods.

I hope to meet you in a local event near you. Make sure you take advantage of these events. It might just be the best thing you do for your company or career.