August 2016
August 2016 editorial

This month, a lot of us are riveted to our TV screens or tablets following the Olympic events from Rio. Some athletes win, some lose, some participate proudly for their countries, with no real expectation of reaching the podium! Well, it’s the same with we value specialists. The more demand there is for Value Management services, the more opportunities we can expect to see, if we are up to the challenge!
Across Canada, some firms have begun to offer Value Management services as part of their business consulting services and some individuals also offer their services as Value Specialists. I have been experiencing clients that require proposals from a minimum of 3 potential suppliers. Some of these requests for proposals are public; some are by invitation. Some of these proposals we win, some we lose. There is only one gold medal at each event (most of the time!) but, as for the Olympics where we see the number of athletes grow as the popularity of a sport grows, in Canada, we are now seeing the number of Certified Value Specialists grow every year. I am very excited and satisfied to see this growth. Although I have over 25 years of experience in the field, it is exciting to see these newcomers show up and promote the value methodology. The youth (!) and strength of these new players is very impressive, pushing every veteran like myself to renew and improve our way of working, to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of clients to stay competitive with the upcoming challenges. Value Analysis is alive and kicking in Canada, the market for services is growing.  Let this demand continue to grow for the benefit of our country.

And, good luck to all the Olympians!