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April 2016

While scoping out the 2016 Conference location past SAVE Conference Director Rick Johnson was introduced to his first butter tart by Value Analysis Canada immediate past-President and current Conference Director Mike Pearsall.  If you haven’t experienced one, a butter tart is a hand-sized pie-like pastry filled with a sweet gooey mixture with a hint of maple flavour.  They get the butter in their name from the fact that adding butter to the sugary mixture while cooking it causes it to froth up and form the desired top crust.  Butter tarts are a Canadian delicacy that many shops and restaurants pride themselves in making one that is the best.  If you want to start a lively discussion between aficionados ask them whether their tarts should include raisins or pecans or ‘gasp!’ both.

Oh, and if you are still wondering about the function of a butter tart – while at the conference look up Mike or Rick and ask one of them…
Register now for this experience and many more at the 2016 SAVE/VA Canada Conference so you don’t miss this opportunity.