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November 2014
Symposium Group Rate Announced

The Canadian Value Symposium 2014




Attend the Canadian Value Symposium 2014 to learn from our exciting list of accomplished keynote speakers and enjoy an excellent program, on a variety of topics.

Take advantage of our special group rates!

-      Group of 3 or more: $395 per person

-      Group of 5 or more: $325 per person

-      Groups of 10 or more: Contact us for special pricing!




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The Canadian Value Symposium 2014, hosted by the Canadian Society of Value Analysis (CSVA) will take place on November 17th and 18th, at the Eaton Chelsea in Downtown Toronto.

The theme of this year’s Symposium is:

Solving Problems and Improving Value


Today more than ever organizations and businesses are being called upon to deliver priority services and programs, and to do so with continually increasing expectations for quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness. Traditional approaches to delivering these services and programs are no longer sufficient. New approaches are needed to meet many challenges such as:


Optimizing the use of resources
The Value Analysis process solves problems and helps decision makers balance stakeholder needs and the resources required to address them.


Achieving buy-in for change
Following the Value Analysis process will bring your team to a common understanding of needs and to consensus for solutions.


Delivering needed services while managing fiscal and staffing constraints.
Value Analysis is a structured approach to innovation, which is key to delivering public services in a fiscally constrained environment.



The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has applied value analysis to a wide range of projects, services, processes, organizational designs, and facilities. In 15 years, MTO has achieved cost savings and cost avoidance in excess of $1 billion. To learn more about VA and its benefits, visit: http://scav-csva.org/aboutva.php


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