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November 2007
2007 Conference: VA/VM in Innovation


CSVA 2007 Conference


This year the conference will be held in Montreal on November 19th and 20th, 2007. Our conference will highlight how Value Analysis/Value Management is used by product designers, service providers and project teams to innovate and remain competitive.

Innovation is critical to the survival of corporations today. Organizations have to compete against low-cost economies and try to win consumers that demand continually higher levels of value for the money they spend. Under such demanding business conditions, those organizations that can innovate and adapt will be able to survive and prosper. In many corporations most of the profits come from products released within the past few years. In addition, corporations and citizens expect that public services provided by governments and NGOs will be equally innovative in order to provide the modern physical and information infrastructure required for an effective society.

In order to harness innovation, a systematic and replicable problem solving method is essential. Value Analysis/Value Engineering is such a problem-solving method. It is an organized approach that focuses creativity towards customer needs to provide cost effective products and services. Value Analysis is a proven technique, which is used by governments and major corporations around the world to drive their innovation and create value for their customers and their organizations.