Does Anyone Like Wine? / Aimez-vous le vin?

Have you registered yet for the 2016 SAVE/VA Canada conference? If you havenít and you enjoy wine then you are missing a special opportunity. Niagara is Ontarioís wine country and where many consider some of the best wines in Canada to be produced. There are more than 25 wineries within a 20 minute drive of the conference location. Whether you are looking for a nice mellow chardonnay or a robust pinot noir you can find it in Niagara. The area is also particularly known for the unique ice wines it produces.† Ice wine is a quintessential Canadian experience, second only to maple syrup. If you havenít tasted a full range of Niagara wines, then you arenít a true wine connoisseur yet. Conference attendees can book their own private tour of local wineries or join a group of other conference attendees Ė Check out our tourism page (§ion=conference_detail&pid=182).

Register now for this experience and many more at the 2016 SAVE/VA Canada Conference so you donít miss this opportunity.†