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Conference Archive > 2023 Symposium - Getting Big Things done through VM
Author : Steve Tremblay, Director of Integrated Practices Deployment, Infrastructure Quebec
Description : The Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI), the Quebec government's real estate expert, has a solid history in value analysis and is now recognized as a leader in collaborative and innovative practices for planning and building. public infrastructure projects.

How do the fundamentals of value analysis contribute to this evolution towards an optimization of the value carried by the integrated design approach?

Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description : Want to be achieve more with Value Management? Download Value Analysis Canada 30 tips for more value. Gain tips on how to:
  • Encourage Value Management
  • Prepare for a  Value Study
  • Build a great Value Team
  • Manage information
  • Make Function Analysis fun!
  • Create more ideas
  • Evaluate ideas quickly and competently
  • Help teams with the hard work of developing ideas
  • Deliver a smooth and credible presentation.
Author : D. Paul Scarbrough Ph.D, Professor of Accounting and Control, Goodman School of Business, Brock University
Description :
Project controls enable business to better predict and manage outcomes. Controlling costs can be supported with accounting tools and techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma but controlling outcomes relies on a different sort of control tool. VE is a tool that can be integrated with other business tools  to guide or control project outcomes. This presentation describes how VE works with other business tools for big projects. I focus on the interactions between VE and other business tools when confronting the “big project” issues described by Bent Flyvbjerg

Author : Tom Fletcher, CVS
Description : Big can mean different things to different projects, processes for each proponent. One of the BIGGEST potential impacts on a project occurs at the conceptual phase.  This usually means that decisions are being made on the direction and budget for the project when the least amount of information is available to  make recommendations. It is also the stage of the project that carries the largest risk in terms of schedule, cost and satisfaction of needs. 

Our clients are polled after the VM/VE study is completed on what they would change if they were doing the project again. The major regret is not “Introducing VM/ VE earlier ”in their process if they had understood VM/VE better at the onset and build in an allocation for additional workshops.

Fortunately, VM/VE is a very effective methodology at any stage of a project.  VM/VE is viewed by many as an “event” rather than as part of a “continuous improvement” process. 

This needs to change to be able to provide a more comprehensive and effective solution for clients to enable “Getting Big Things Done. This presentation discusses some of the means to achieve these goals.

Author : Ramesh Kalvakaalva, Charles McDuff, Rohit Kalvakaalva, Eric Webb, Neelu Inc.
Description : This study was done on a ecosystem restoration project that consists of restoring important riverine habitats for transient and migratory fish, bird and wildlife on a stretch of 6 700 linear feet of concrete channel dated from the 1960s and 2 600 linear feet of natural substrates experiencing bank erosion.

Project challenges and constraints included long lead times for critical equipment,  preservation of native species, restoration of instream habitat diversity and hydraulics, prevention of potential future flooding, sustainable growth, operational considerations.

The objective of the study was to improve on functions as well as avoid unnecessary costs in order to keep the project within budget. VE resulted in cost avoidance recommendations along with qualitative adjustments that may aid in project delivery.

The VE Team focused on retaining the planned ecosystem restoration as much as possible while making best use of natural surroundings and innovations implemented on other similar projects around the United States.

Author : Amin Sarang, Ph.D, PEng, VMA, PMP
Description : Cities around the world face big challenges and rapid change. The success of cities is critical to humanity. There is no time to get it wrong. There is time for the right process, value management, to ensure that the objectives are understood and the best value solution under the circumstances is identified.   

Lessons learned on projects, programs, and associated regulations form a solid foundation within the crowd wisdom pyramid. The presentation will highlight the success of urban VM programs and workshops in an example of developing country. 

Learn from the challenges and successes intrinsic to applying VM in urban contexts. Practitioners and Enthusiasts alike will be empowered with actionable takeaways for their own urban VM endeavours.

Author : Hein de Jong
Description : Project owners, whether in corporate or non-profit sectors, must orchestrate a symphony of value with diverse experts. How do you achieve harmony in diversity? "Revealing Optimal Value" explores the intricacies of purposeful investments, likening the journey to harmonizing resources with core objectives. Nine essential questions illuminate this path, urging us to delve into intention, alternatives, risks, and stakeholder participation. Tailoring these questions to projects empowers innovation, echoing Socratic reasoning's depth. This method, a cornerstone of value engineering, navigates uncertainties and enhances creativity. As we traverse this landscape, our quest is to nurture optimal value, guided by purpose and the collective pursuit of meaningful impact. This is one of the essentials in ‘Getting big things done’. 

Author : Rhiza Castillo, VMA Christine Laumond, VMA - SYSTRA Philippines
Description : The establishment of the Philippine Value Analysis (VA) Handbook was initiated in the year 2009 by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). 

In its efforts to institutionalize the Value Methodology in government infrastructure development, NEDA called for the updating of its VA Handbook in 2021.  The handbook intends to serve as a standard reference guide on the principles of the VM and its application to project development.  

An Institutionalization Strategy Manual was also formulated, as a reference guide for government agencies to establish their own VM program and unit. The Manual contains short, medium and long-term strategies forming a roadmap to achieve VM institutionalization, which, within two years, paved the way for two government agencies to adopt the methodology for their high-priority projects.

In support of the revised handbook and strategy manual, NEDA desired to further expand the foundational knowledge of government institutions on VM through the capacity building / training of selected government personnel.

Author : Arnaud Rogiez
Description : Collaboration is all the rage these days, especially in the construction industry. However, it doesn't come easily and often requires sustained effort. With telecommuting on the rise and set to remain a reality for years to come, the challenge of bringing collaboration to remote teams is growing.

To meet this challenge, a number of digital platforms and tools have been developed, but existing tools and processes must not be sidelined.

Value analysis is a powerful tool that not only optimizes projects, but also greatly enhances collaboration within work teams. And as projects become increasingly complex, a structured approach like VA helps optimize these large-scale projects.
Author : Andréanne Martin, VMA
Description : Facilitating a Value study is not an easy task. That’s why large workshops require the presence of a co-facilitator, to help out the main facilitator. Getting big things done through facilitation is essential to the success of VM. This presentation will show how a co-facilitator can take on some tasks and responsibilities, to improve the efficiency of a study. Mrs. Martin will speak about the skills required for a good co-facilitator and present the tasks associated to the pre workshop, the workshop itself and post workshop. She will highlight how a co-facilitator simplifies the life of the facilitator and all the participants of the study.

Author : Shyam Gupta, CVS-Life
Description : VE/VA, when applied as per the recommended steps, is known to improve performance (Function) and reduce the cost of the product  at the same time. It also helps in solving problems that the customers are reporting. The case study “Front Fender” is a live example which illustrates this very clearly. 

This case study was taken up by the team to study and resolve a warranty problem in the most popular motorcycle in India at that time. The bike called CD100 was being manufactured in India by M/S Hero Honda Motors Ltd – now Hero Motocorp Ltd. This was a joint venture of the world leader M/S Honda Motors Ltd, Japan and the largest maker of bicycles in the world called Hero Cycles Ltd of India. Since this model created a revolution in India because of its fuel efficiency and comfortable riding, a warranty complaint was a blot on the company and created customer dissatisfaction.

The team worked tirelessly and presented the case study to the top management which consisted of directors and senior officers of both companies. The recommendations were sent to Honda R&D which is the ultimate body to approve the design changes. They studied the proposal and accepted. Thus, the warranty problem was completely solved resulting into increased customer satisfaction. At the same time the cost of the front fender to the company was reduced by 27.6% which is significant.

Title : 5 big challenges for a VE facilitator (PDF | 2023 | MEMBER-ONLY | #677)
Author : Mohammad Pourreza Katigary, TRA Consulting Engineers
Description : A VE team is a big investment of time and talent. The VE facilitator must help the team achieve a successful outcome.  Challenges from the client and the VE team must be overcome.  This presentation presents solutions on how a VE facilitator can overcome 5 of the biggest issues and obtain a more efficient result. Case studies  illustrate the challenges and solutions. 

Author : Mike Pearsall, P.Eng., CVS, FEC, Rakesh Shreewastav, P.Eng., ICD.D
Description :
  • Are you interested in improving the value and quality of a project?  
  • Are you looking for a structured approach to innovation? 
  • Do you want to be part of the creative process and generate alternative solutions?  

If you said YES to any of these questions, improve your skills by attending "Intro to Value Management - Fostering Innovation" session. This presentation  gives participants an understanding of the Value Methodology, and an appreciation on how to participate in activities related to the Value Management. It’s about stepping away from the current solution or process and ensuring that good value is achieved. Be bolder! 

Author : steVE Holmes, P.Eng., CVS-Life, Director Value Analysis Canada
Description : Function analysis is at the heart of Value Management. There are many techniques for graphing the logical relationships between the functions of project, product, service or process to improve understanding of objectives, needs and constraints. Technical fast diagrams are widely used in value studies but a function tree diagram has advantages in the design or redesign of a process, service or products.

Author : Mike Pearsall, Hein De Jong, Paul Scarbrough, Lucie Parrot
Description : How do you get big things done? How can organizations succeed with big projects? What project controls should be applied to improve project outcomes. Mike Pearsall, a senior Canadian government official involved in infrastructure, Hein De Jong, a Value Specialist from the Netherlands, Dr. Paul Scarbrough, an accounting and control Professor, and Lucie Parrot, a Canadian Value Specialist and industrial engineer with experience in infrastructure, manufacturing, industry, and organizational design discuss how applying Value Management helps any organization get big things done!