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VM and other Methodologies > TRIZ
Author : James D. Bolton, PE, CVS, PVM
Description : An effective way to successfully apply Value Engineering (VE) principles in manufactured products and processes is to utilize TRIZ in combination with Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA).
Title : Integration of TRIZ with Value Management (PDF | 2011 | MEMBER-ONLY | #599)
Author : John Borza
Description : Value Management is a function based methodology focused on improving value (defined as function ÷ cost). Its function-based analysis, and traditional brainstorming approach to problem solving, share a number of characteristics with TRIZ, creating a unique opportunity to apply TRIZ principles into the Value Methodology. The synergy between these approaches results in enhanced brainstorming output (quantity of high quality ideas). This paper examines a way to integrate key ingredients of these two approaches, and the benefits that can be realized from the combination of the Value Methodology and Structured Innovation.