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VA in Depth (Advanced VM) > Value Planning
Author : David Wilson
Description : Short presentation outlines why government should use Value Engineering and how it can promote Value Engineering.
Author : David Wilson, NCE
Description :
Author : Peter Steacy, City of Ottawa; Christopher Gordon, NCE
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Author : Paul Johnson, CVS
Description :

The author, Paul Johnson of CH2M Hill, describes how value planning assisted the City of Hamilton in determining the best value strategy for a $700 Million investment in wastewater treatment plant, real time control systems and flood control.  The City wanted to validate, and adjust as required, the preferred strategies and approaches for  three major Wastewater expansion components (Flooding, RTC and Wastewater Treatment plant expansion) in an integrated manner that maximized synergies, reduced cost and schedule and maximized benefits to overall City objectives. The Value Planning study enabled the City to document what was accepted and changed as well as what was analyzed and dismissed, develop an integrated document of the preferred strategies, and  develop the program delivery strategies and communications plan.

Mr. Johnson demonstrates that Value Planning is a methodical process that demonstrates due diligence and results to withstand public scrutiny and board oversight.

Author : Brian Ruck, Tom Williams
Description : In this case study value engineering methods are applied in a heavily-used bus and traffic corridor. The Orange Blossom Trail project was typical of transit projects, requiring examination of traffic capacity, transit travel times, pedestrian access, cyclists, and the transportation-land use connection. Value Engineering methods were well suited to resolving competing issues and developing innovative solutions to be applied along the Orange Blossom Trail and to other Florida Department of Transportation projects.
Author : Steve Taylor
Description : Value Planning can be an effective facilitation technique to engage the public, technical agencies and political decision makers in making cost effective choices for public infrastructure. This presentation will describe some techniques and provide examples of where the planning for new public infrastructure has benefited from the Value Engineering methodology.