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VA in Depth (Advanced VM) > Function Analysis System Technique (FAST)
Author : Jerry Kaufman
Description :

This paper describes the principles of Function Analysis System Technique  (FAST) diagramming. It shows how a FAST diagram can assist organizations to be creative and to react quickly to changing business conditions. 

Author : Michel Allard
Description : Functional Analysis is at the heart of Value Analysis. The practice has evolved over time to include graphic representations of the need with the objective of fostering better creativity through a better understanding of the intricacies involved in dealing with needs. However this step is often skipped by Value Analysis teams because of the complexity and time involved compared to the perceived benefits. This paper compares the three (3) most popular approaches (Technically-Oriented Fast, Customer-Oriented Fast, FPS Function Tree)  to produce graphic representation of the need in terms of "user friendliness".  The author concludes that the Functional Performance Specification Function Tree diagram is more responsive to identifying the needs of the client and easier for VA teams to develop and understand.


Author : Matthew Lane
Description : Why we don't drive to Dvorák explores the benefits of FAST outside its usual applications, specifically in the domain of classical music composition. Principally, it examines how FAST (Function Analysis System Technique) stimulates creativity, and how music benefits from a function-based approach. It presents the notion that the quality of music, often shied away from as a subjective idea, can be much more objectively assessed by applying a function-based model. Using FAST, classical music can overcome some of its struggle to find new relevance, and as an audience, our listening approaches can be similarly modified or refined. The presentation discusses the inherent link between analysis and composition, other function-based precedents in musical analysis, and how FAST diagrams can help reconcile some of the divide between musical analysis and musical composition. It will take a brief look at some other musical genres and how function-analysis could or does benefit them, as well as sharing M. Lane's approach to incorporating FAST into his writing.