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Project / Business Management / Services > Organizational Change
Author : Roger Giroux, Director General of Protection for the Public Curator of Quebec
Description : This article presents a synopsis of the redesign process by the Protection Department of the Public Curator of Québec (CPQ). The Value Management (VM) approach was selected to support the project team in their task. During the project, the managers were also trained in VM theory and principles, empowering them to conduct an optimization process as part of the implementation of the chosen solutions.

The innovative aspect of this VM case study is how it transformed the management style of executives by integrating VM principles and Value Analysis tools with the organizations management practices. Examples are:


  • The FAST diagram was used as a communication tool and a basic reference for the strategic orientation and business planning review;
  • The same FAST diagram served as a tool for linking strategic goals with process review and improvement project prioritization;
  •  Functional performance specification (FPS) was used to clarify client user needs and upgrade related performance criteria and levels;
  • FPS was used to clearly define Protection Department needs (not in terms of solutions) for the computer specialists in designing the best value data systems.
  • Involving the operations staff in the task created enthusiasm among the staff for reform and sharply reduced resistance from some skeptics while facilitating change management.
Author : Chantal Gadbois and Richard Vezina
Description : A health and social services agency for youth mandated under the Youth Protection Act was instructed by a government appointed observer to set out and clarify the role and responsibilities for the Board of Directors and senior management. A legal framework which sets out the governance parameters of a youth centre, and a  model was built setting out the strategic, tactical and operations aspects of the board of directors’ mission using value management/functional performance specification. For each of the functions, discussion topics were developed to clearly define the role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and senior management.  The main results of this initiative are set out in this paper.
Author : Lucie Parrot, eng. M.eng. CVS-Life
Description : Function Analysis is a powerful tool with many uses. It is the perfect approach to identify needs and expectations and prioritize them. We don’t call it “Needs analysis” for nothing. It allows a team to identify what they want to do so a design team can identify the best solution at the best cost, creating value to stakeholders: client (user and buyer), production or construction or programming, or even sales and marketing.

This presentation demonstrates with examples the use of function analysis in various contexts: technical such as water usage optimization, administrative such as organizational development, software such as simulators, business such as portfolio management and others. In each example a needs analysis using Functional Performance Specification was completed prior to developing a solution. This resulted in each solution achieving good value.
Author : Mike Tozer, P.Eng., VMA
Description : One of the biggest systemic barriers faced by employees in larger organizations is unclear accountabilities and expectations. It can lead to duplication of effort, confusion on roles and responsibilities, lack of alignment on goals, objectives and priorities, and excessive workload. In an attempt to increase organizational effectiveness, Enbridge Liquids Pipelines is seeking to tackle this barrier by first examining the functions performed by its core groups, which will provide a baseline and shed light on opportunities to challenge the status quo. The plan is to understand what functions need to be performed, map them out and assess the allocation of resources currently required. Many of these core groups work closely together and rely on each other for input or services. Once the functions of the groups are collectively understood, a cross-functional team of stakeholders will examine expectation levels and needs to identify ways of achieving the desired outcomes using fewer resources. Ideally this exercise will result in a more effective organization with increased employee capacity. 
Author : Terry Hays
Description : The presentation discusses strategies to initiate business process improvement studies, unique activities that need to be considered for business and organizational studies, and discuss several examples on a wide range of projects to demonstrate the benefits of including business process improvement studies as part of your Value Improvement Program.

It is not really possible to step in and “re?engineer everything”; that was tried 15?20 years ago in many organizations and while the concept was valid, it had problems in execution. While typically critical areas are known and can be focused on for whatever the rationale, it is often beneficial to start with a Strategic Business Improvement Plan, using VM to develop this plan, and prioritize where the business and organizational focus should be to support the goals of the organization.
Author : Lucie Parrot
Description : Presentation describes how Value Analysis (Functional Performance Specification) was used at an IBM manufacturing plant in Quebec to determine required competencies for staff. The plant was experience shutdowns of manufacturing equipment because staff were having difficulty maintaining increasing complex machines and systems.
Author : Ted Lane, P.Eng., AVS, MTO
Description : Increasingly, public and private organizations are challenged to address growing demands to deliver products and services while human resources remain constant or are reduced. Value Analysis is a proven methodology to identify creative alternative solutions to products, projects, processes and organizations. This presentation describes the application of Value Analysis to enable organizations to understand their business and goals in terms of Functions and Business Needs, independent of existing processes, systems and organizations and to identify new and creative opportunities to best meet these challenges within the constraints of available resources.
Author : Ginette Sirois - CEGEP de Chicoutimi, Eve Mailhot, RCGT
Description :
Author : Roger Giroux, Director General of Protection for the Public Curator of Quebec
Description : Paper describes approach used to restructure Quebec ministries using value analysis and functional performance specification. The restructuring of the Welfare Ministry and Correctional Services occurred during downsizing and budget cuts and Value Analysis enable a quick and successful transformation.
Author : Roger Giroux, Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of Quebec
Description : Paper describes the use of value management and Functional Performance Specification in the restructuring of a Ministry in crisis. The Public Curator is responsible for taking care of incapable people and their financial assets. The use of value analysis (Functional Performance Specification) enabled the ministry to develop a vision and a plan for restructuring, to determine their information systems requirements, and to quickly restructure. Mr Giroux has previously used Value Management in restructuring of the Welfare and Correctional Services ministries. See Value Analysis, a Pivot of Change.
Author : steVE Holmes
Description :

Strategic planning is used to set organizational goals and priorities. Maintaining the status quo is not a viable tactic for organizational survival. Rapid and strategy informed change is necessary for success. This presentation demonstrates how value management can be used to develop a strategy map for an organization. The use of function diagramming establishes the how and why behind the strategy map. By using elements of the VA job plan, your team can agree upon, develop and prioritize strategies and tactics.