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Infrastructure > Constructability
Author : Stuart Sokoloff
Description : Constructability Applications on the Verrazano Bridge Design Build
Author : Warren Knoles, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
Description :

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) requested that its design consultant for the “Park over the Highway” project, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. (CMT) conduct a construction staging workshop at the 50-percent-plans design stage. The purpose of the workshop was to improve constructability, shorten the schedule, and reduce adverse impacts on local users and stakeholders during construction, as well as to help forge a large, diverse group of involved agencies into a unified project team.

Since there were no formal MoDOT guidelines for this type of workshop, CMT’s workshop facilitator employed the value methodology for the workshop structure, organization and process. This paper explains how the value methodology was adapted into a construction staging workshop and the ensuing results. The success of the “Construction Staging Workshop” on this project utilizing the value methodology demonstrates that the value methodology is a useful tool that can be effectively employed in ways other than a traditional one-week value study.
Author : Rahul Nagalkar & Ann Jamison
Description : The classic Value Engineering (VE) study assessing conceptual and preliminary design phases of a project offers significant value in impacting the engineering design of a project. However, on large infrastructure projects the effectiveness of VE beyond the 30% design phase begins to wane as many of the key project elements are already worked through with community stakeholders and jurisdictions making them difficult to modify. The value of a VE workshop at 60% or 90% level of design is greatly enhanced by shifting the subject matter expertise focus to the actual construction of the project. Construction focused VE’s at the later stages can be very effective in supporting the development of well thought out cost estimates, schedules, contract specifications, and ensuring a solid set of bid documents. The benefits can include reduced change orders during construction, improved risk mitigation/risk management, improved bids and better stakeholder interface and improved follow through on stakeholder commitments.
Author : Rahul Nagalkar, CVS, MBA, VM Program Manager, Portfolio Office, Sound Transit
Description : Value Methodology (VM) provides an excellent means to facilitate an Operability Assessment (OA) using the SAVE International Job Plan. This presentation describes a new process to conduct a structured evaluation of a project’s (i.e., a transit expansion project’s) ability to effectively activate and operate via a series of collaborative, cross functional workshops attended by representatives from various organizational departments.