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What is the Information Phase?

The Information Phase is the first phase of the Value Analysis Workshop. The purpose of the Information Phase is to gain an understanding of the problem and any solutions that have been proposed. Project related information and data is reviewed to help the team establish a thorough understanding of the objectives and the context. The complexity of the project, the amount of information and time available will influence the level of effort, and time devoted to the Information Phase.

Prior to the workshop, the information and data is gathered and compiled into a briefing document that may include:

  • Initial and life-cycle cost estimates
  • Drawings and/or photographs
  • Business Processes
  • Staffing
  • Stakeholder input
  • Design reports
  • Existing and proposed solutions
  • Constraints and commitments
  • Risk Registers
  • Any other information that may help the team to understand the project, process, or product.

Why is the Information Phase important?

The success of a Value Analysis Study is dependent upon on having relevant, accurate information that is significant to the project, product or service under examination. The Information Phase provides the Value Analysis team an understanding of:

  • User and stakeholder needs and values
  • Project scope and schedule
  • Budget costs and restraints
  • Project risks

To facilitate this understanding, the information and data is organized to make it easy for the VA team to review and understand.

Who is involved in the Information Phase?

Prior to the workshop, project and VA team members may work together or individually to gather relevant data from a variety of sources.

During the Information Phase of the workshop, VA team members are present to review information, discuss the project and ask questions of the owner, design team or business area. A project team member typically presents the currently proposed design or solution to the team. It can also be useful to have key stakeholders provide a presentation on their issues, concerns and objectives.

By the end of this phase, all VA team members have a thorough understanding of the project or process, requirements, constraints and any solutions proposed to address it.

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