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Development Phase

What is the Development Phase?


The Development Phase involves exploring in detail the ideas selected in the Evaluation Phase.

The process involves obtaining costs, creating drawings, schedules and any other data that will allow the idea to be compared to the original solution. The objective of the Development Phase is to develop the idea/alternative in sufficient detail for the idea to be compared the originally proposed solution. This will enable the owner or decision maker to make a knowledgeable decision on whether to accept and implement the proposal.

Why is the Development Phase important?

The Development Phase enables the proposals to be developed systematically and evaluated against the proposed solution.

Who is involved?

All team members will be involved in developing the ideas. The team may be divided into sub teams, with each team tackling a different idea or alternative to explore in detail.

Development phase objectives:

  • Develop ideas to enough detail that they can be compared against the original solution

  • Demonstrate depth, knowledge, and thoroughness in order to support the decision maker’s acceptance of ideas.

  • Provide opportunity for decision makers to question team and assess recommendations.

  • Develop the chosen ideas into written recommendations that may include sketches, cost, performance measures, risks, advantages and disadvantages

    • Sketches
    • Costs
    • Performance Measures
    • Risks
    • Advantages and disadvantages
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