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Creative Phase

What is the Creative Phase?


The Creative Phase is an opportunity for the team to use their creativity and produce alternate means of performing the functions associated with the product, service or project. The goal is to generate as many ideas as possible in a short period of time. This can be accomplished through Function-based Brainstorming.

The Creative Phase is also sometimes referred to as the Speculation phase of the VA job plan.

Why is the Creative Phase important?

The Creative Phase, using Function-based Brainstorming, ensures that many ideas are generated based on the project needs or functions.

Who is involved?

All team members, including the stakeholders and designers, participate in the creative brainstorming session. The key is to create a positive attitude, a climate that welcomes ideas, and to focus on functions which have the greatest opportunity for changes that might improve value.

Creative Phase objectives:

Generate as many alternate ideas as possible for accomplishing the functions. The greater the number of alternatives produced, the more likely that value can be improved.

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