Delivering Value Through Diversity

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Delivering Value Through Diversity
You will find videos from the symposium on our publication page here

2022 Symposium (Virtual)

Oct 4 -6, 2022

Join us virtually on Tuesday Oct 4, Wednesday Oct 5 and Thursday Oct 6 for value management success stories in utilizing the diversity in team members values and perspectives to achieve consensus on new ideas and alternative solutions in industry, government, and service delivery. Learn how you can include the perspectives of different cultures, skills, and experience in a practical way through the application of value management to a problem, process, project, product, or service.

Why Attend ?

Learning about Value Management (also known as Value Analysis or Value Engineering) is a must for project managers, organizations welcoming diversity, and in product development. Staff, stakeholders, subject matter experts are being asked to work together in an inclusive fashion. How can you reliably bring a team with different backgrounds and perspectives together to identify alternative solutions for a project, product, process or service? How can you make the process inclusive and ensure team members ideas are valued and considered?

Value Management (VM) is a reliable and simple project management best practice process to identify alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, services and products. A VM workshop is a series of analytical and creative steps that increase understanding of needs and encourages everyone to be open to new solutions and ideas in a collaborative fashion.

What is in it for me?

This conference is a unique opportunity to learn about Value Management, and add this powerful technique to your set of Best Practices. The program will include presentations on both  basic and advanced Value Management techniques, and examples of inspiring applications of the value methodologies.

Who should attend?
Project and process managers, inclusion officers, architects, engineers, service delivery organizations, creative officers, and product developers all contribute to outcomes based on their values. Learning about how VM can help everyone understanding values and needs and welcome new ideas  will improve outcomes in any project, process, product or service delivery.