Differentiating Construction Process Functions From Project Functions

Differentiating Construction Process Functions From Project Functions
Tuesday July 19, 2022


In construction, the contract structure/project delivery method defines the owner-designer-contractor relationship.  The Value Methodology is a tool to bring all the parties together to develop a common understanding of the project and find ways to optimize design, make the project easier and faster to construct, reduce risk, and avoid cost—all while maintaining needed functionality.  In this context, function analysis can be done by 1) combining construction process functions with project functions or 2) separating these functions to further analyze the construction management process.  Active participants in this webinar will have the opportunity to analyze identified construction management process functions, identify additional functions, and work together build a FAST diagram.

Anna M. Bremmer, CVS, LEED AP

Since 2009, Anna has facilitated VM studies for complex, high-profile transportation, aviation, clean water and wastewater, civil infrastructure, and environmental remediation projects; and public buildings, U.S. military facilities, and U.S. Consulates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Far East, and Middle East ranging to $1 billion in total project cost.  Anna brings a comprehensive understanding of the multidisciplinary project process—from planning and environmental permitting through design and project delivery.  Since 1990, she has facilitated project management strategy for environmental consulting, transportation and land-use planning, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, architecture, general contracting, and construction management.  For dispute resolution, Anna has analyzed schedules to determine delay causation using critical path method (CPM) and benchmarked project management performance in the context of the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).