Student Poster Competition


Value Analysis is a structured approach to innovation that reliably generates alternative solutions to problems. It provides methodologies and processes that can improve projects, lower costs, and fulfill functions. Next October, Value Analysis Canada will host its Annual Conference, the 2018 Value Symposium, in Edmonton, October 17 to 19.
Value Analysis Canada invites student leaders to showcase an example or case study of achieving value through innovation. Examples can be historical, current-day, or from your own work. We encourage all post-secondary students to submit a short abstract. The top three poster submissions will receive an award.

Submission guidelines: 

Submit a short abstract for expression of interest in the Student Poster Competition. Abstract should not exceed 200 words and should address the following:

  • A definition of value in your core field of study
  • An example of achieving value through innovation

Please consider sharing your success and stories in improving or enhancing the idea and concept of value improvement in management, governance, products, services, projects or processes.


 Abstracts should be submitted by: June 30 2018
All successful abstract submissions will be notified to prepare a poster, due in September.

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