Creating value is critical to the Canadian economy. Systematic application of Value Analysis enables industry, government and the service sector to create value and harness innovation. Its strength comes from the power of the synergy, creativity and experience of the multi-disciplinary team members and the use of function analysis as the basis for consideration of alternate solutions. The 2008 CSVA conference brings together representatives from government, industry and practitioners to demonstrate the use of VA/VM in:

  • Manufacturing: products and processes;
  • Services: services and processes; and
  • Infrastructure: projects, facilities and sustainability.

The conference will demonstrate how value analysis and risk analysis has improved decision-making in the road and transit sectors, manufacturing areas, buildings and energy sectors, infrastructure and in business processes.


  • Owner's representatives, users, and manufacturers involved in all areas of product, services, & project development share their experience with creating value on recent projects and show how innovative designs can be achieved through value management methodologies
  • For those new to value analysis/management, a three-hour introductory session as well as some basic presentations and case studies will be available
  • Sessions on building a VE Program and Risk Program
  • Presentations on the Cost of VE Studies and Potential Project Savings as well as Sample Terms of Reference for VE Studies

Who should attend the CSVA Conference?

  • Public service managers, from health care and social services, education, municipal managers and government agencies
  • Infrastructure and construction project owners and planners
  • Manufacturers
  • Project teams
  • Product designers
  • Software designers
  • Value Managers