2013 Annual Conference
Marriott Château Champlain Montréal
Date Time  
24 November 17h00-20h00 President's Reception
Suite Ville-Marie
25 novembre 2013

Monday November 25th
07h30 Registration
Salon Maisonneuve D
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P  H
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08h00-09h00 Continental breakfast and welcome
Mike Pearsall, CSVA president
Keynote Speaker
Michel Thiry, PhD, FAPM, PMI Fellow
Managing Partner, Valense Ltd.
  VA 101
Salon Maisonneuve C
Salon Maisonneuve E
VA experts
Salon Maisonneuve F

Gil Goyette, arch. Introduction à l'analyse de la valeur

Kimberly Bain -Bain Group

Facilitation in Action

Olaf de Hemmer -AFAV 

Value(s) & Management :  methods for more value in management


10h15-10h45 Networking break
10h45-12h00 Introduction à l'analyse de la valeur (suite) Facilitation in Action (cont'd) Valeur(s) & Management (suite)

Lunch and Keynote Speaker
Salon Maisonneuve D

12h00-13h30 Bernard Buteau, ing.
Directeur général de la gouvernance des projets d'infrastructure
Sous-secrétariat aux infrastructures publiques
   Conseil du Trésor du Québec


Mieux gérer nos infrastructures, avoir les bons prix, faire des bons choix

  Salon Maisonneuve C Salon Maisonneuve E Salon Maisonneuve F
13h30 - 15h00 Nicole Simard - L'animation d'ateliers McGill University VA students and  industries, joint presentations
15h00 - 15h30 Networking break
15h30-17h00 L'animation d'ateliers
McGill University VA students and  industries, joint presentations (cont'd)

Salon Caf'Conc


Cocktails -20th aniversary of CSVA

18h15 - 21h30
Supper and gala evening - CSVA award ceremony
Mardi 26 novembre 2013

Tuesday November 26th
08h00 Registration
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08h00-08h30 Continental breakfast
Salon Maisonneuve D

 Conférencier d'honneur - Keynote speaker
Keppel Bharath, Senior Manager & Fellow - P&WC Today Dreams, Tomorrow Technology

09h15-09h45 Lucie Parrot, VP-communications SCAV
L'AV au Canada, un constat et un moyen de l'améliorer
  Product Manufacturing
Salon Maisonneuve D
Construction Environment
Salon Maisonneuve E
Government Processes
Salon Maisonneuve F
09h45 - 10h30

Hieu Nguyen

Institut de dévéloppement de produits


Gregory Brink
 The Number is Evil: An Exploration of Project Cost Estimating

Chris Gauer, eng., CVS, MMM

VA Success Supporting Decision Making and Involving Stakeholder Input on Regina Bypass

10h30 - 11h00 Networking break
11h00 - 11h30 Drew Algase, FNST; Value Engineering in New Product Development: A Case Study from Tillsonburg, Ontario

Dr. Azzeddine Oudjehane
SAIT Polytechnic
Value engineering in sustainable construction projects using Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Istvan Tarjani, CMC, CVS, PVM, TVM Hungarian Society of Value Analysis

New Challenges in the VE Field in Central Europe


James Bolton - Whirlpool

The Use of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly with Value Engineering to Optimize Customer Value

Dr. Faisal Arain, NAIT

Training Carrier-Ready Construction Management Graduates with Value Management Competencies: An Academic Perspective

William Willson, Gardner USA

Is your risk register simply a list of issues


Lunch and Keynote Speaker
Salon Maisonneuve D

12h00-13h30 Lunch and Keynote Speaker

Mary Ann Lewis, SAVE International Executive Vice President and US Government Liasion, VP Black and Veatch

OMB Circular No. A-131 and other US Federal Regulations Pertaining to Value Engineering

  Salon Maisonneuve D Salon Maisonneuve E Salon Maisonneuve F
13h30 - 14h15

Jo Otero, AIVIR

Adjusting a Value Engineering Event to the Problem or Opportunity

Tammy Dow, HDR Corporation, Stuart Sokoloff, CTS Group

Bay of Quinte Skyway Value Engineering Study

Denis Dagenais - Hatch

VA and risk Management of Major Projects

14h15 - 15h00

Mike Pearsall

VE of the Snow Removal Process MTO

Stuart Sokoloff -CTS Group

VA in Construction Forensics

Charkes McDuff, Ramesh Kalvakaalva, Civil Services Inc

Applying VM/VA -Success stories (Past, Present & the Future)

15h00 - 15h30 Networking break
15h30 -16h15

Shamsi Shishevan MA, PMP, RMP Team Focus

Fully Integrated VE/M for Greater Performance Gains

Steve Holmes, P.eng

Doing More with Less in the Ontario Government with Value Analysis

George Hunter and Geoff Millen

Road safety and VA

16h15-16h30  Closing remarks and door prizes