Nathalie-Provost Award

The Nathalie Provost Award was established in 2010, and is presented each year to a woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the value analysis in Canada and / or the world. This award acknowledges the 1989 Montreal École Polytechnique tragedy, in which 14 women engineering students were killed. Nathalie Provost was a survivor of that event and became an engineer and Value Management practitioner.

Year Presented To
2018 Symposium de la Valeur Kim Lewis, P.Eng., AVS
2017 Canadian Value Symposium 2017 Marie-Claude Le Sauteur
2016 Shamsi Shishevan PMP, PMI-RMP
2014 Laurie Dennis, PE, CVS®-Life, FSAVE, LEED AP
2013 Mary Ann W. Lewis FSAVE
2012 Tammy Dow, M.Sc.E., P.Eng., CVS
2011 Lucie Parrot, ing., CVS-Life
2010 Madame Francine Constantineau, ing., CVS-Life